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August marks Family FUNdraising Month!

August marks Family FUNdraising Month!

Find out how you and your family can make this month one to remember!

Did you know that August marks Family Fun Month? This is the perfect time for anyone and everyone to enjoy spending quality time with friends and family!

Here at LPT, we thought why not put an exciting twist on this month of family fun and go one step further by introducing what we like to call: LPT’s Family FUNdraising Month (creative, right?)

But what exactly does a Family FUNdraising Month involve? Well, it’s fairly simple!

We’re encouraging all of our super supporters to work together with their loved ones to fill this month full of fundraising fun, with the collective goal to raise some all-important funds towards our Hair and Hope mission!

Family Fundraising Ideas

Whether you embrace a Family FUNdraising day, week, or entire month, we’ve got some exciting ideas for you to get involved in!

Bake sale: Why not host a bake sale, whilst you and your family have a bake off? Who will come out top baker in this head to head challenge, and who will be left with a soggy bottom? On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Got some football fans in the family? Put the word out through friends and neighbours, and organise a community football event. What better time to break out your inner Lion or Lioness? You could even get creative and make a winning trophy to up the stakes!

Give it up: Challenge the whole family to each give up one thing they enjoy for the whole month! Simply gather sponsorship from friends and neighbours, and see who will be the last one standing - will it be you?

Family FUNdraising month ideas!

Get active: Train together to win together! Gather sponsors whilst you and your family prepare to complete a mammoth marathon challenge in aid of LPT. Walk, jog, run or roller-skate your way to the finish line (bond with those you love and embrace that friendly competition!)

Art auction: No matter your age of artistic abilities, break out the paint and paintbrushes and get messy! Ensure each member of your friends and family put their creative caps on and make something artsy for you to then auction off within your community! Enjoy unleashing your messy side and raise some fantastic funds in the process.

Family team obstacle course: Get your entire neighbourhood involved by setting up a family team obstacle course! Charge an entry fee, and see how long it takes each team to complete the obstacle course (don’t forget to encourage some friendly competition and award a prize to the fastest team).

Not only can you use this time to bond with those around you and take a moment to appreciate your loved ones, but you can also help to make an incredible difference to the children and young people we support through the pennies that you raise in the process - what could be better than that?

Now that you’ve seen just a few of the endless fundraising activities you and your family could be getting involved in, what are you waiting for? Grab your family and friends, and make some memories this Family FUNdraising Month!

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