Get involved with Funky Hair Funday 

Looking for a fun way to support us, but don't want to cut your hair?

Funky Hair Funday is the day when absolutely everyone can get involved - whatever their age, gender or hair length!

So get involved and host your own fun event and help us provide real hair wigs to young people and fund childhood cancer research.

What is Funky Hair Funday?

It is a day to simply style your hair - or head - in any way you like to raise money and profile for The Little Princess Trust.

Boost the fun by inviting your friends, work colleagues or classmates to join you and turn it into a party - or funday!

Come up with different categories and award prizes for the most imaginative creations.

But the main aim is to make sure all involved have bucket loads of fun while supporting The Little Princess Trust.

Let’s put the fun into Funky Hair Funday!

Stuck for inspiration? Simply follow these tips to help raise valuable funds for The Little Princess Trust while also spreading the word of what we do.

Style your hair like your favourite star – or your pet!
Be creative and add a washable colour.
 Try a mohican or beehive?
Have a competition to see whose hair is the tallest, spikiest, craziest or funkiest!
Make a real event of it with a fashion show, danceathon, birthday party or sleepover.

Download our Funky Hair Funday assets


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Poster 2








Funky Hair Funday FAQs


What do I need to do to start a Funky Hair Funday?

Just agree a date and a venue and tell your friends, work colleagues or classmates how you will be helping The Little Princess Trust with imaginative hair styles. Download bunting, posters and leaflets.

Can I use this as an idea for my child’s birthday party?

Yes! Please do download posters and bunting from our website and invite guests to have fun with their hair.

I don’t have much hair – can I wear a hat or a wig?

Hats, wigs, bandanas and caps are all absolutely fine. Funky Hair Funday is an
inclusive day for everyone so there are zero restrictions and rules on headwear.

Do you have any posters or flags to help promote our Funky Hair Funday?

We sure do! You can download them by clicking here. You can also request our free traditional
fundraising pack and get balloons, badges and sponsorship forms here! 

Keep us in the loop

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

Keep in touch and share your event or activity on social media using
the hashtag #FunkyHairFunday

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Instagram: @officiallittleprincesstrust
Twitter: @LPTrustUK
TikTok: littleprincesstrust

The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.