Our Values

We Are Determined
To Make A
Positive Difference

Our purpose is to have a positive impact on our beneficiaries, both through the provision of wigs and as a result of our research funding.
We want to reflect this positivity in all that we say and do, so we can have a positive impact on everyone we come into contact with.
We always want to see opportunities rather than difficulties and provide simple and straightforward solutions.
We look after each other, we look after ourselves and we respect the world in which we live.

We Care And
Want To Help

We are driven by our desire to improve the lives of children and young people with cancer and to make our service available to all children and young people who need it. We will use our ever-growing knowledge and experience to provide the best service we possibly can and fund the worthiest research.

Humanity Not Vanity

We are always aware of how much the trust relies on its supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and ambassadors and we will always do whatever we can to support and celebrate their achievements.
We value each and every supporter and will make the best possible use of every donation.
We will always take the time to thank each and every supporter.

You Can Trust Us

We understand the need to make things as straight forward as possible to access our service and to keep the process simple without any unnecessary hassle. We respect privacy and will always be discreet. We will never publicise wig recipients or our supporters without their express consent. We value people as individuals, and we make time to treat everyone with kindness, respect and honesty.

We Are Always Learning

We are continually learning and take every opportunity to improve in any way that we can. We always listen, try to understand and learn from those around us to allow us to be the best we possibly can be.

Keep in Touch

We'd love to tell you our news and share some of the ways you can continue to support us.

Keep in touch

The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.