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Wig restores teenager's confidence

24 March 2020

Hannah Kite has her confidence back – and it’s all thanks to The Little Princess Trust.

The 17-year-old from Worksop says her Alopecia had turned her into an insecure person who had stopped enjoying herself when she was around other people.

But all that has changed after Hannah received a real hair wig from The Little Princess Trust.

Hannah heard about our charity – and our amazing supporters – while receiving help from Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Hallamshire Hospital.

It wasn’t long before she had an appointment booked at Trends Wigs in Sheffield and was told all about LPT’s free service.

“It opened my eyes and I couldn't believe it,” she said. “I chose a dark colour because I am quite an emo/gothic style of person and I think it's awesome that you can choose a colour to suit you.

“Before I had a wig, I was a completely insecure and different person.

“It was ruining my daily life of actually enjoying things and being around people, but after receiving the human hair wig from LPT everything has changed.

“I am completely confident and outgoing and I'm now not ashamed to tell others or to even have alopecia anymore. It's just part of me.”      


Hannah before her wig fitting.

Hannah proudly wearing her Little Princess Trust wig.