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Together we can make amazing things happen – and we will during the challenging journey ahead

Open letter from LPT Chief Executive to our supporters.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created great challenges to our country for both businesses and individuals. The charity sector has been hit particularly hard by the changes imposed as a result of the virus. In the month of April, our income was down by 75% and the last two months have been an incredibly uncertain and worrying time for The Little Princess Trust. We rely 100% on donations from the public and do not receive any Government or NHS funding.

We are a small team with no paid fundraisers. Of every £1 donated only 8p goes on overheads with 92p going directly on funding research and providing wigs to children and young adults with cancer.

Our frontline service of wig provision to Children and Young Adults with cancer

We have seen the demand for our frontline wig provision service remain relatively unchanged during the pandemic. This proves the value of our service to our beneficiaries at a time when they need it most. We have ensured that we have been there to help any child or young person who has needed a wig through virtual fittings so that they have still felt supported by us at this crucial time – and it is only thanks to our incredible supporters and the ingenuity of our wig fitters that we have been able to do this. We would like to reassure you that our current income will ensure that our ongoing frontline service of wig provision is protected and that we will continue to be there for any child who needs our help.

Challenges to research

Existing research projects where funds are already committed are equally protected. However, the reduction in income is likely to have a detrimental effect on the funding of future research. We know this will impact progress in this area and ultimately the outcomes of children with cancer. Before the country went into lockdown The Little Princess Trust was the third largest charity funder of children’s cancer research in the UK. We work closely with the research community and have made great progress in finding kinder and better treatments for childhood cancers and are planning significant funding to facilitate a vastly improved national early phase clinical trials network for all children’s cancers. A network of this nature has the potential to save lives and we are as committed as ever to making this happen, but it is reliant on the return of our income from fundraisers.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, it is important to remember that 12 children and young people continue to be diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. Cancer remains the UK’s most common cause of death by disease in children aged 1-24 and as a charity we will remain committed to funding research and improving outcomes.

We will recover

We are more conscious than ever that as one of the UK’s major charity funders of children’s cancer research, this research community relies on us. Therefore, we are fully committed to doing everything within our power to recover as quickly as possible and win back the support of fundraisers, so that we can continue to fund this vital research.

We fully understand that many people are experiencing difficulties, but we are encouraging those that are able to continue to back our charity to ensure that we emerge from this situation in a position to impact on the lives of children with cancer.

A Recent, Positive Change!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to temporarily stop accepting hair donations. We have now implemented many safety procedures to ensure we are able to accept hair donations once more while complying to all coronavirus safety measures and protecting our staff. This is an incredibly significant change for us, both in terms of activity, but also and more importantly our engagement with our fundraisers and supporters. 

Nothing can describe the overwhelming feeling of when someone gives something as precious and personal as their own hair to help others. We never take these donations for granted, but they will take on a whole new significance when they return. We look forward to receiving these from our supporters, each with a personal story and often accompanied by vital funds to continue to provide our services.

The Future

Our mission statement of Hair and Hope has never been more relevant than it is as we plan a positive future and start on the road to recovery for The Little Princess Trust.

We are so proud and committed to provide our frontline service to children and young adults and look forward to a time when we can continue to fund vital research as we all work towards a day when no child should die of cancer.

To those who have supported us both financially and with donations of hair over many years, thank you. Every act of support makes a meaningful difference and your contributions bring Hair and Hope to young people at an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Together we can make amazing things happen – and we will during the challenging journey ahead.

Phil Brace

Chief Executive

The Little Princess Trust

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