In order to save you time contacting us, here are some answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions concerning fundraising and supporting the charity.


General Questions

How do I obtain a fundraising pack?

Please click here to order one. It contains a guide and a DVD, leaflets, posters, an information sheet and a sponsor form.

How do I obtain a collection box?

Please click here to order one.

I have already used the collection pot. Can I keep on using it?

Yes.  Please email info@littleprincesses.org.uk to request a new seal, if it is one of our purple pots (and not a cardboard version).

Do you have buckets for collecting money?

No they are too expensive to post.  However, please click here to download a Bucket Label that you can stick onto your own one.

Do you have information I can download and print?
Does The Little Princess Trust receive the money I have raised automatically from MyDonate, JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving?

Yes.  We receive a weekly payment that includes all the money raised for the Trust in that week from all supporters using these online facilities.

Who should cheques be made payable to?

The Little Princess Trust.
You can also telephone the office on 01432 352359 to pay any monies over the telephone using

PayPal Logo

I do not have a cheque book, can I send you the money I have raised another way?

You can click on our website and donate now with a debit or credit card.  It will be processed through Justgiving or MyDonate – the choice is yours depending which icon you select.  Please email info@littleprincesses.org.uk to let us know you have kindly done this.
You can also pay over the telephone using

PayPal Logo

How do I make sure the Trust can claim Gift Aid?

By making sure all of your supporters that are UK tax payers provide on the sponsor form their name, their home address (not club, school, church for instance) including their postcode and that they tick the Gift Aid box on the form too.

For one-off donations, please click here to download the  Gift Aid Declaration that we can use to claim from HMRC.

Can I send money and hair to the same address?

Yes.  Please use this address:

The Little Princess Trust

Broadway House

32-35 Broad St





If I send a cheque, will I receive an acknowledgement?

Yes.  We are very grateful and therefore we would be delighted to send you a certificate of thanks, by email.

Can I give the charity’s details to my local paper/radio station in case they want to contact you?

Yes.  Please ask them to email press@littleprincesses.org.uk.

Will the Trust supply a quote to my local newspaper?

Yes.  We are very keen to provide any information to support the article, though we will not release details of any family that we have helped in the past or are helping currently.

Can I use your logo?

In order to discuss this, please contact press@littleprincesses.org.uk.

Can I have a link on my website to The Little Princess Trust website?

Please email press@littleprincesses.org.uk to discuss this.

Can The Little Princess Trust put a link on their website to my website?

No.  As we are a charity, it is not appropriate that we endorse other organisations, commercial or otherwise.

Can a representative from the Trust come to my event and talk about the charity?

This is sometimes possible, if the venue is in Hereford or very local to Hereford.  As we are such a small charity, and operate with minimum staff, we do not have representatives available to travel long distances unfortunately.  We’re always happy to send a video message though, just email press@littleprincesses.org.uk

Hair-Related Questions

Do you have an information sheet about sending in hair?

Yes, please download  Fundraising and Hair Donation

What is the minimum hair length that the Trust will accept?

Between 7-12″/17-30cm – However, the longer the better please – 12″/30cm+.

I see on other cancer websites different minimum length requirements for hair. What is the correct one?

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content appearing on other organisations’ websites. Please see answer above.

Can I have my hair cut for The Little Princess Trust even though it is highlighted and bleached?


Can I have my hair cut even though it is layered?

Yes as long as the length of the layers is at least 7″/17cm long.

I have curly hair, should I straighten it before I have it cut?

It is not necessary but on occasions hairdressers may recommend it.

I have curly hair. Does the length have to be measured curly or straight?

If your hair is curly, it would need to be within our minimum range in its natural state.

Do you have hairdressers that will cut my hair for free?

No sorry.

Does the Trust have links with hairdressers that will cut my hair for free?

No sorry.

Can you let me know as soon as my hair has arrived?

The Trust will email you a certificate as soon as possible to thank you for your kindness.

Can I send you some before and after my hair cut photos?

Yes.  We would love to see them!  Please click on Gallery to upload your photos.

Will you use my photos?

If you make it clear that you are happy for us to use them for publicity purposes, we will try and use as many as we can.

Can I send hair to you even though I live abroad?

Yes we are delighted to receive hair donations from abroad.  Please use this address:

The Little Princess Trust

Broadway House

32-35 Broad St




What is the cost to send it to the Trust, if I live abroad?

Please contact your local postal service provider for this information.

I am not in a position to organise a fundraising event as well as have my hair cut. Can I still send in my hair?

Yes.  We encourage supporters to fundraise for the charity but it is by no means obligatory.

How long after I have sent my hair, will I receive my certificate?

We hope to email a certificate within a week or two of receiving your wonderful hair donation. Please bear with us as it can take longer when we have an unexpected peak in hair donations.

Can I have a photo of the child that receives my hair?

No.  Once the hair reaches the Trust, it is no longer tracked on an individual basis and we do not release details of those children we help.

Will my hair definitely be used by The Little Princess Trust and for a child?

We are unable to guarantee that your hair will be used.  It is not our decision, but that of the professional wig manufacturer in China. 

What happens to my hair once it reaches you?

If it is within our minimum range, and has been cut according to our guidelines, then it will be sent to China.  If it is of a suitable length then it will most likely be blended with other similar donations and made into a wig.

How many wigs will my hair make?

If your hair is suitable, it will form part of one wig.  It can take from approximately seven – ten donations to make just a single wig.  For one wig, at least 800g of hair is required.