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Mum's moving and poignant donation in memory of daughter

13 October 2020

A mother has made a very meaningful donation to The Little Princess Trust after our charity helped her late daughter.

India Radford received wigs throughout her brave battle with cancer between 2014 and 2017 and her mum Sara said they had an incredibly positive impact.

India tearfully shaved off her hair on Christmas Day in 2014 as the effect of chemotherapy took its toll.

But soon after she was told of the free wig provision service offered by The Little Princess Trust – and attended one of the salons in our network for the fitting.

“India emerged with a wonderful head of hair just like her own,” added Sara.

“I cannot begin to describe to you the difference this made to India, how she was able to cope with something no one her age should have to.

“She was able to live her life as normally as was possible - and boy did she! 

"She managed to have as full a social life as possible, to even go on holiday with her girlfriends between treatments and it was very much down to having a wonderful natural head of hair that was so important.”

India fought cancer with grace and bravery before she sadly died just over three-and-a-half years ago, aged 22.

This year, the Radford family had a litter of puppies with their gorgeous working cocker spaniel. They called the seven puppies the ‘India Elizabeth Litter’ and the monies raised from them going to their new homes have been split between several charities that made a difference for India.

Sara kindly decided to donate the money from several of the puppies to The Little Princess Trust to say a “small but heartfelt thanks” for the help we gave India.

And so £3,400 will be coming from India’s family to LPT in recognition of the “normality” we were able to provide through our wigs.

“One of the most important things for India was to try and live as normally as possible,” added Sara. “To just be herself – not the girl with cancer.”


India Radford wanted to live life as normally as possible and to just be herself - not 'the girl with cancer'.

The litter of puppies from the Radford family's working cocker spaniel.