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LPT's 5 fun ways to fundraise

LPT's 5 fun ways to fundraise

Most effective ways to raise funds and smash the £550 target!

Here at LPT, we believe that the most effective ways to raise funds and smash the £550 target is to have fun! From our FREE Fundraising Packs, to our list of Fun Ways to Fundraise, we are bursting with ideas to help maximise your fundraising and enjoy yourself!

Here are our 5 top tips to have fun whilst you #DoSomethingAmazing:

1) Get your Friends and Family Involved: Because if your best friends and family can't make your fundraising fun, who can?!

2) Order your FREE Fundraising Pack! They are filled with everything you need to make the most of your fundraising - including some balloons and other goodies to help make your event even more exciting! You can request yours here.

3) Hold a Bake Sale: Are you doing a sponsored walk or run? Or are you making your hair donation into a sponsored event? Why not bake some yummy treats to snack on and ask for donations for LPT? You can even get LPT cake toppers from our online shop!

4) Do Something Funky with Your Hair: At LPT, we love all things hair. So, if you're not ready to say goodbye to your locks or don't have much hair to spare, why not try out a new and funky hairstyle for your fundraising event? You could even ask for donations to try it out on others!

5) Go Crazy with Decorations!: Get creative and make some of your own LPT bunting, posters, and banners to help liven up your event. You can even pair them up with the goodies you receive in your Fundraising Pack!

Do you want more fun ideas to help smash the £550 target? Check out our list of Super Ways to Support Us here to get inspired.

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