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Meet our new Research Administration Executive

Meet our new Research Administration Executive

Exciting times await as we welcome Sarah Bainbridge, our new Research Administration Executive, to the LPT team!


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I am a law graduate and I also speak fluent French & German!

How did you come to work here at LPT?

As soon as I saw the advert for my role, I knew I had to apply for it! We knew about the charity as our daughter Livi received two wigs, which helped her during her treatment for leukaemia. We shall never be able to show proportionate gratitude to equal the positive effect that getting a wig had on her.

My previous work experience in Lean Business Methodology and high level administrative support to various boards truly lended itself to this particular role, so it was an all round perfect fit!

What does your role involve as a Research Administration Executive?

My role is to provide administrative support to the LPT Research Funding Committee with their research grant rounds and to monitor their progress. I will be working with CCLG very closely, marrying their expert peer reviews with our own review process and ensuring that every step of the process is carefully documented. Each application that we receive from researchers are projects which will improve treatments for cancer.

There is such a great potential outcome from the work that LPT funds.

I will also schedule visits to labs of the researchers who have received funding to enable our research committee to get a greater understanding of their work and its progress.

Grant holders will also be invited to various events at our new headquarters to provide a presentation and showcase their work and their findings once the project is complete. I will be coordinating and pulling together these events!

Sarah & Wendy at SIOP 2022


Why is research into finding better and kinder childhood cancer treatments so important?

Having witnessed our daughter go through treatments, I have seen first hand the devastating effects of current treatments, and for too many they simply don't work. It is vital that new and improved treatments are discovered and brought to clinical practice to improve outcomes for young cancer patients.

What do you feel is the most rewarding part of your role here at LPT?

A cancer diagnosis is devastating for the entire family and everyone wishes for a magic wand to make the cancer disappear. Without a wand, working to support researchers achieve their goals is the next best thing.

We work on the basis that every child deserves the best chance of survival, regardless of their cancer type. So if a project benefits one child, then that will be wonderful, but the potential is enormous.

I feel totally blessed to be in my role for a number of reasons, not least because I work with a team of people who are extremely caring and special.

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The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.