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LPT highlights Hair Loss Awareness Month

LPT highlights Hair Loss Awareness Month

Let's learn more about the causes and impact of hair loss this August, and how it can effect children and young people

August marks Hair Loss Awareness Month, drawing attention to the adversity and impact that comes to children and young people experiencing hair loss. 

At The Little Princess Trust, giving Hair and Hope to children and young people experiencing hair loss is at the heart of what we do. This is why we want to mark this month to help increase the understanding of hair loss and its causes, and to continue to provide support to our wonderful wig recipients.

Let’s learn more about hair loss:

Hair loss impacts a significant number of children and young people each year - but why does this happen?

We spoke to our friend and supporter, Lisa Thomas, a UK based trichologist, to find out more.

Who can hair loss impact? What are its causes?

“Hair loss can affect absolutely anyone,” Lisa told us.

Although incredibly common among adults, hair loss also affects children too. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy as forms of cancer treatment are common causes of hair loss among children and young people. However, Lisa also mentioned that tinea capitis, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania are also common conditions that result in hair loss.

Is hair loss permanent?

“In most cases, hair loss is temporary. There are only few cases where hair cannot regrow which are often given the umbrella term of ‘scarring alopecia’,” Lisa told us.

Sometimes, given time, hair can grow back by itself. It may not be the same colour as it was before or may grow back as a different texture.

However in some instances, a series of different treatments might be needed to help to stimulate regrowth. If this is the case, Lisa recommends talking to your GP to discuss your options.

To read more about hair loss, check out Young Lives vs Cancer page covering all their different tips here. 

How hair loss can make you feel:

For many people, hair acts as a huge part of our individuality. The length, colour, and style can be different for each person. Hair is often described as the “crown we never take off”. Losing hair at any age can have huge impact on someone’s confidence and self-esteem, often causing worry and distress.

Some of our lovely wig recipients and their families have told us all about their experiences with losing their hair, to help us understand a bit more about what it’s like to experience hair loss.

Here’s what they said:

"I was in complete distress at the sight of my hair falling out. I felt like I lost a huge part of my identity."

“When I watched it all fall out it made what I was going through so much more real. I felt loss, ugly, and that I deserved what was happening to me.”

“She made the brave decision to shave her head before she started losing her hair. It was honestly heartbreaking to watch, knowing that this was the start of her looking so different for who knew how long.”

“The process of my hair falling out felt like cancer was taking away yet another part of my life.”

How can LPT help? 

Hair loss is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. However, some find wearing a wig or head covering can help them to adjust to the change. By providing real hair wigs, free of charge, we aim to help our wonderful wig recipients to feel more like themselves.

These wigs are not to hide your treatment but to crown your courage and bravery.

20 year-old Beth’s hair was a big part of her identity, but having her LPT wig really helped. She told us:

“When I received my LPT wig, I felt I could walk out of my home with pride and that no one would think of me as the ‘sick girl’.”

Beth wearing her very own LPT wig

Another of our wig recipients, Georgia, told us, “When I received my wig it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders; they gave me back something that had been taken. I knew that I had the option to look like the old me whenever I wanted, and that really helped me accept the hair loss.”

Wendy Tarplee-Morris, our Co-Founder, said: “Over the years, it has been incredibly humbling to have seen the charity be there for so many children and young people experiencing hair loss.

“We’re very aware that providing a wig does not solve all of the many complex issues these children are going through, however it can play an important part in restoring their confidence and identity.

“We want all of our hair donors and supporters to know this difference is only possible because of their kindness and generosity and everyone at LPT is so very grateful for their support.”

We are so incredibly indebted to all our amazing supporters who share their hair, fundraise, and raise awareness for LPT and our mission of giving Hair and Hope. We would simply not be able to continue what we do without the support from each and every one of you. Thank you all so much!

Get involved in helping us with our mission of giving Hair and Hope during Hair Loss Awareness Month - click hereto find out how you can get involved! 



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