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Little Princess Trust puts faith in UK wig makers

Little Princess Trust puts faith in UK wig makers

A London wig manufacturer has finished work on its first set of LPT commissioned wigs in a move we believe signals the start of something new and exciting for the profession in the UK.

Phil Brace, LPT Chief Executive, and Wendy Tarplee-Morris, our founder, visited Raoul Wig Makers to collect the wigs made exclusively from hair donations from our supporters.

Wig making has gravitated away from the UK’s shores over the last century but our commitment to UK wig making has added great enthusiasm with an element of emotion to the sector as a whole. 

Phil said: “We have had an astonishing couple of days further progressing and scaling up UK wig knotting with key partners such as Raoul wig makers of London, Banbury Postiche and Trendco/Aderans. 

We feel very proud when we add the ‘hand knotted in the U.K stickers’ to our wig boxes before they are sent out and we are committed to ensuring more UK knotted wigs are added to our stock and availability.

Pictured above are (l-r) Caroline Shallow, general manager and wig knotter at Raoul’s wig makers of London, with Phil Brace, Wendy Tarplee-Morris and Liz Finan, owner of Raoul’s wig makers of London.

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