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Janine climbs Snowdon to show support

Janine climbs Snowdon to show support

Janine's and close friend climbs Snowdon to show support for LPT!

 When Janine Norman's daughter Alivia began losing her hair following an alopecia diagnosis last year, her family were left devastated.

During this time, Janine heard about The Little Princess Trust's wig provision services, and chose to get in touch.

"I applied on the Sunday evening and on the Monday morning we had a call to say she had been accepted, and within 10 days our little girl was wearing her new princess hair"

Following on from this, Janine and her close friend Sadie were determined to express their appreciation, and began to think of ways in which they could show their support. The idea to scale Mount Snowdon came shortly after!

"To say that it terrified me would be an understatement, but me being me, I’ve never done things by halves"

Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Janine knew that this wouldn't be an easy thing to do, with her fear of heights also playing a major factor. However, she remained determined to complete the challenge, wanting Alivia to know that no matter what, anything is possible.

Worried that her condition would rear its head during the climb, she began rigorous training to prepare for the big day!

"I needed people to understand about alopecia and the effect it has on the child and the family who so wish that they could wave a magic wand and make it better"

Upon reaching the summit, this determined duo went one step further as Janine was let loose on her friends hair, cutting a fantastic 18 inches! The generosity doesn't end there however, as Sadie's daughter bravely jumped on the bandwagon, and offered to donate a brilliant 12 inches as well!

Janine told us, "would I do it all again? Yes, I think I would!"

Thank you so much to these wonderful supporters for conquering their fears to show their support!

You can check out Janine's fundraiser here  Janine's Fundraiser

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The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.