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Happy Volunteer Recognition Day!

Happy Volunteer Recognition Day!

Get to know just a few of our wonderful volunteers

Here at The Little Princess Trust, we’re privileged to see first-hand the positive impact that our wonderful volunteers have day to day. From being a helpful hand with sorting hair donations, to making up some of our all-important Fundraising Packs, our wonderful volunteers support our work in a huge range of ways, and truly do help to make such a huge difference behind the scenes at LPT.

To celebrate Volunteer Recognition Day, what better time to meet a few of our incredible volunteers, and get to know how they each play a vital role in our mission of providing Hair and Hope to the children and young people we support.

Meet Jill!

My name is Jill, and I am a retired nurse and have been married for 40 years! My interests are keeping fit (walking, Zumba, gym), gardening, theatre and film, and spending fun time with my lovely friends.

How did you get involved with volunteering?

I started volunteering at LPT after the first Covid lockdown in 2020 - as someone who believes in the benefits to the recipients of volunteering and the volunteers themselves, I have been active in the volunteer sector for many years.

While there were still many Covid restrictions and few opportunities for volunteering, I consulted the HVOSS website, and LPT was one of the first organisations listed that required help.

What do you enjoy most when volunteering here at LPT?

I enjoy making a contribution to a local, professionally run charity that is making a difference to children and young people in need. The ethical ethos of LPT is of great importance to me.

What 3 words would you use to describe your time volunteering?

Varied, flexible, worthwhile

Meet Jayne!

My name is Jayne Broome, and I’m a retired Primary School TA. I love meeting new people, going on walks, reading, playing tennis and cricket, and attending the theatre.

How long have you been volunteering at LPT?

I have been volunteering here at LPT for nearly 7 years!

What made you want to begin volunteering?

After retiring, I was looking to volunteer, but was unsure of where to go. My son, Paul, suggested The Little Princess Trust, as he knew LPT’s co-founder Wendy from a previous job. This also felt like the perfect place to volunteer, as I had previously lost a niece to cancer.

I have always enjoyed volunteering for The Little Princess Trust. The staff and fellow volunteers are all so friendly and appreciative of our time. It is fascinating to hear what is involved with the charity, both in terms of the supporters who are fundraising and donating their hair, as well as its research mission.

What do you enjoy most when volunteering?

Knowing that I have contributed a little of my time doing something worthwhile towards helping young people feel better about themselves when wearing one of those fantastic wigs. And of course, the camaraderie!

What 3 words would you use to describe your time volunteering?

Rewarding, fun and valued

Meet Will!

I’m 36 years old, and would describe myself as wicked, kind, and someone with a good sense of humour – I laugh a lot! I also like my sports, with a particular love of Gloucester Rugby and Liverpool football. I enjoy cooking and spending quality time with my family, and am proud to say that I’m always the last person on the dance floor!

What does volunteering mean to you?

It means a lot to me to be able to help people, and I also like winding up those around me for a laugh!

What is your favourite thing about volunteering at LPT?

My main role when volunteering at The Little Princess Trust is making up the fundraising packs. The other side to volunteering that I also enjoy is getting to know the other people who accompany me. I look forward to volunteering, as it fits nicely into my day-to-day life.

Volunteers sorting donated hair

These are just a few in our hard-working team of volunteers, each of whom selflessly give their time to help us to support the children and young people in need of our service. We would like to express a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of these remarkable individuals for the wonderful work that they do!


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The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.