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First wig is fitted inside LPT's new home

First wig is fitted inside LPT's new home

Inspirational Kiya is delighted with her new style

A little bit of history was made yesterday when the first wig was fitted inside our own salon.

Kiya Kanani was welcomed to our new headquarters by our own wig fitter Liz Pullar - and said she was delighted with the new style.

The new salon is situated inside The Hannah Tarplee Building - our home since late August - and we were so thrilled to open the doors for Kiya.

Kiya, who is from Leicester, was this year diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and has recently finished her chemotherapy.

Since her diagnosis, the 16-year-old set about raising money for cancer charities and the total sum now stands at £32,000!

Kiya Kanani hands over a cheque of £7,500 to Wendy Tarplee-Morris and Phil Brace.

Kiya, who donated her long hair to LPT last year, presented a cheque of £7,500 to our Co-founder Wendy Tarplee-Morris and our Chief Executive Phil Brace during her visit to Hereford.

She has also spoken about her experience of living with cancer to children at school assemblies and to many media outlets.

Kiya is pictured with Liz Pullar in The Little Princess Trust's new salon.

Everyone at The Little Princess Trust sees Kiya an absolute inspiration and we were extremely grateful when she accepted our invitation to become an Ambassador for The Little Princess Trust.

As well as fundraising for us, Kiya has played a major part in helping to spread the word of our work and we are sure that other young people will be aware of our free wig provision service thanks to her selfless efforts.

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The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.