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Why this little girl's wigs are extra special

Why this little girl's wigs are extra special

Modifications allow Ellie to wear hearing aid and wig

Born with AEC syndrome, one symptom that Ellie lives with is having very little hair.

But Ellie's family wanted her to experience the feeling of having hair from a young age - and so contacted The Little Princess Trust.

Despite feeling nervous about taking the first step in requesting a wig, Tina - Ellie’s mum - said 'having someone friendly welcome you straight away and just sweep you up with such a warm welcome and no conditions attached is really special'.

Since the first initial contact, we have been able to provide Ellie with three of her very own real hair wigs!

Ellie wearing her second LPT wig

These wigs, however, have had a few special touches made to them to allow this wonderful recipient to wear them with comfort!

As Ellie typically wears a bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) that is attached to a soft band worn on the head, modifications were made by Raoul Wigmakers to ensure Ellie could wear both her hearing aids and her wig at the same time.

"It’s perfect and looks so natural," added Tina.

So for us a wig is ‘just hair’ but at the same time it is also so much more

Some of the most meaningful moments we have here at LPT is seeing the wigs we provide having a truly positive impact on the lives of the children and young people who receive them.

Tina gave an example of one of these moments, telling us, “she proudly went to show her grandparents her latest wig at the weekend.

"She walked over to them posing and swishing her hair," Tina added.

"It is moments like these that make us forget about her struggles for a while. So for us a wig is ‘just hair’ but at the same time it is also so much more than just hair.”

Ellie was born with AEC syndrome, one of the symptoms is having very little hair.

Our mission at LPT will always be to provide real hair wigs to children and young people experiencing hair loss, due to cancer treatments or other conditions that these incredible individuals may experience.

If you would like to find out more about requesting a wig for either yourself or a loved one, click here 

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