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Does your business want to support LPT?

Does your business want to support LPT?

Here are our top 5 ideas to show your support

As one of the leading charities in providing wigs to children and young people experiencing hair loss, alongside funding research into better and kinder childhood cancer treatments, we are always so grateful for our new, and continued, corporate supporters!

So, if your company is thinking of supporting LPT but doesn't know how to go about it, here are our top 5 ideas; 

 1) Hold your own Funky Hair Funday:  

Why not bring some fun into the office and hold your very own Funky Hair Funday? You don't have to part with your locks to support LPT - Funky Hair Funday is designed for everyone, no matter your age, gender, or hair length. All you need to do is style your locks - or head - in a fun way to help raise funds and profile for LPT! 

2) Make us your charity of the year:

By making us your charity of the year, you can continue to support LPT throughout the year in an ad-hoc fashion, and support us whenever you have fundraisers.

As a charity that can accept hair donations, as well as monetary donations, we like to think that we stand out - and by making LPT your charity of the year, this could help you to stand out from your competitors!

3) Raise our profile:

We would love any opportunities to appear on your social media platforms - letting more people know about us and our mission will always help to generate more hair donations and fantastic fundraising!

We always need longer hair donations to help meet the high demand of longer length wigs, alongside the £550 cost of each wig provision. So, even doing something as small as sharing one of our posts on your own social media pages could be a huge help.

4) Give as you earn:

Want to give without the fuss? You could set up a system for your employees to donate, directly from their salary and massively help us to achieve our mission.

5) Product partnership:

We're always looking to get our profile out there, and aligning LPT with a product is a perfect way to help us do this! To go a step further, you can even pledge a percentage of an item, per sale.

If you and your company are interested in supporting LPT in 2023 and would like to find out more, email to get in touch

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The MBE for voluntary groups was awarded to The Little Princess Trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.