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Mighty Matilda and her LPT wig!

Mighty Matilda and her LPT wig!

Mum is full of praise for our free service.

In 2021, Matilda unexpectedly started losing all of her hair, including her eyelashes and eyebrows.

Shortly afterwards, she was diagnosed with Alopecia universalis, which is incredibly common in children with Down's Syndrome.

After some regrowth during the summer, she lost her hair again. Matilda's mum, Linzi, decided that it was time to get in touch with LPT and request a real-hair wig.

Whilst this won't be a big deal to most two-year-olds, I felt like part of Matilda's identity had been stripped away.

Linzi has told us that she was surprised at how simple it was to request a wig from LPT, and how quickly the process got started.

LPT quickly put Linzi in touch with her local hairpiece salon, and the pair were delighted to be sent a selection of real-hair wigs for Matilda to choose from - all in the colour they had selected!

They also had the wig fitted in the boutique and even had it cut into Matilda's own personal style.

 The Little Princess Trust were so helpful and the process was extremely fast too!

Matilda having her wig fitted

Since receiving the wig, Linzi has told us that Matilda "hasn't stopped wearing it" and has even worn it with a woolly hat on a festive day out!

Linzi seems equally as happy as Matilda, as she has told us she "can finally plait [her] little girl's hair."

Matilda in her hat

We're so pleased the wig has had such a positive impact on this family, as although Matilda "will continue to rock the bald look with her cute bows," she now has the option of different styles for each day!

Matilda is one of the many wonderful wig recipients who have received a wig from us, and it just goes to show what a huge difference every donation can make to a child or young person.

To find out how you can give the gift of #HairAndHope this festive season, follow this link to our hair donation guidelines. Donate your hair
Alternatively, to find out how you can request a wig for yourself or one of your loved ones, follow this link to our wig referral page. 

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