What we raise and how we spend

You raised over £4,500,000 last year for The Little Princess Trust!

We were staggered by this unprecedented support!  Thank you!

This fantastic support meant that we were in a position to give away over 1,000 free wigs to sick children last year.  We were also able to fund research into finding causes and cures for paediatric cancer and research focusing on less toxic treatments.

This is only the beginning too!  We have given away grants totaling over £2,200,000 to research already and this is set to continue.  We are eager to award grants but only if the applications pass our rigorous review.  This can be a lengthy process but it is only right that we identify appropriate projects that aim ultimately to benefit children.

We can assure you that we keep a close eye on the charity’s expenditure.  You can see here an overview of our accounts.  If you have any queries or questions relating to these, please email our Charity Manager, Monica.

Thank you for your continued support.  You are making a real difference.  Your support helps us to assist children now and into the future too.