Little Princess Trust
Broadway House
32-35 Broad Street

Registered Charity No. 1176160

Our Team

We are grateful to our dedicated team who work hard to ensure everything at The Little Princess Trust runs smoothly.

Meet the Team

  • AndreaHospital Relationship Manager
Hospital Relationship Manager  Little Princess Trust

I’m the Hospital relationship manager within the wig referrals department. I work closely with all UK and Ireland Children’s hospitals to ensure every child and young adult with hair loss receives a high-quality Little Princess Trust wig, free of charge. Receiving a wig at such a difficult time truly is invaluable.
I’m constantly amazed by the kind support the Charity receives from wonderful supporters from all around the world, donating hair and money allowing us to manufacture our beautiful range of donated hair wigs. I’m super proud to be part of such a wonderful team, working together to make a difference, every day.

  • AndyLogistics Co-ordinator
Logistics Co-ordinator Little Princess Trust

I’m the Logistics Co-ordinator for the Hair Donation department. We receive the hair donations, sort them, and send them to be made into wigs of various sizes and colours. The wigs come back and we dispatch them to our network of salons and hospitals, ready for the children and young people who need them. I love working for the Little Princess Trust and feel proud to be a part of the charity. It’s very humbling to read a letter that has
come from someone saying that they can face the outside world again due to the wig we have given them.

  • BevWig Referrals Assistant
Wig Referrals Assistant Little Princess Trust

LPT is a fantastic charity and I feel very proud and privileged to work here. I work in the Wig referrals team. I speak to families and hospitals who request our help for children and young adults who need a wig, due to hair loss through cancer treatment or other hair loss conditions. I put them in touch with a salon local to where they are and they can go to choose a real hair wig free of charge. I also follow up these referrals making sure that things are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. We are incredibly lucky to have so many amazing supporters, without whom the work that we do would not be possible. I am always humbled by people’s personal stories and why they want to help us.

  • Caitlin Apprentice Hair Donation Assistant
Apprentice Hair Donation Assistant Little Princess Trust

I work in the Hair Donation department and my job is to sort the hair that comes in from all our wonderful supporters, and to thank them. Making a difference in young people’s lives is the reason I work for the Little Princess Trust. Not only do I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the charity, but going home and knowing that I truly did something meaningful and important is a goal that is met each day. In my spare time I like to socialise with friends and also have nights in watching Netflix.

  • EllieSalon Relationship Manager
Salon Relationship Manager Little Princess Trust

As the Salon Relationship Manager I am responsible for visiting the network of salons we work with and maintaining positive partnerships with them. Without these amazing salons we would not be able to carry out the work we do. I am based in the Wig Referrals Department, which matches families of children who need wigs to one of the salons across the UK and Ireland. The most rewarding part of my job is hearing how receiving a wig from us has helped people cope during such a difficult time in their lives.

  • EmmaFundraising Services
Fundraising Services Little Princess Trust

I work in the Fundraising Services team offering support to our kind supporters and members of the public in relation to their fundraising or hair donation information. I also send out our thank you certificates, deal with queries that relate to fundraising pages, and log the money that we receive. I enjoy working at the Little Princess Trust because of its aims and values. The help and support that the trust offers young adults and children going through a difficult time in their life is inspirational. It is a wonderful charity.

  • Helen CreeseMarketing and Communications Executive
Marketing and Communications Executive Little Princess Trust

No two days are the same in Marketing and Communications! I love hearing from our amazing supporters and sharing their stories on our social media channels and websites. I also really enjoy working with different collaborators, creating campaigns and content to help raise awareness of The Little Princess Trust and the services that we offer.
I work with a fantastic team and it feels great to be able to use the power of social media and online communications in such a positive way.

  • KatieSystems, Quality and Compliance
Systems, Quality and Compliance Little Princess Trust

My role involves ensuring LPT has appropriate systems in place to deliver excellent service to the children and families we help, and LPT’s amazing supporters who make this possible. I’m very proud to work for The Little Princess Trust. It is a real privilege to be a small part of such a wonderful charity.

  • LindaProcurement, Cost Control and Fundraising Services
Procurement, Cost Control and Fundraising Services Little Princess Trust

I am responsible for the procurement and cost control for the Trust. It is important for me to build relationships with suppliers and manage the relationships effectively to reduce costs. I also work in Fundraising Services. We help our kind supporters with any enquiries regarding hair donations or fundraising. Talking to the many people that contact us and hearing their reasons for choosing to support the Trust is always interesting. I have huge admiration for them, especially when we receive calls from people about to undergo treatment themselves, where they might lose their own hair and they decide to donate their hair to us. It is humbling to hear how they are thinking of others when they are going through a difficult time themselves.

  • Lucie General Admin Assistant
 General Admin Assistant Little Princess Trust

Little Princess Trust is an honour to work for. Every day I learn new things and come across challenging opportunities. In my spare time I love to socialise, including helping the charity out with events whenever needed. Being in the Finance & Operations department, my goal each day is to get the fundraising tools to our supporters, so the Little Princess Trust will always be able to fund a wig. There is great satisfaction in being in a role that
can make a small difference in someone’s life.

  • LudmilaFinance and HR Executive
Finance and HR Executive Little Princess Trust

In my role I head up the Finance function, which includes Fundraising. I process invoice payments, balance bank account transactions and make sure that all money coming in and going out is captured and allocated correctly. My role also involves managing all HR administration and personnel files. LPT is an amazing place to work because every day I get to experience the kindness and generosity of people all around the world. We often receive emails and notes from our kind supporters expressing their appreciation for our work. It is a privilege to be part of this meaningful work that makes such a positive change to people's lives.

  • Phil BraceChief Executive
Chief Executive Little Princess Trust

It's an absolute honour to hold the position of Chief Executive Office for the Little Princess Trust. I'm so passionate about the amazing work that the charity does. The future objectives are to provide wigs for even more children and young adults from all genders to a wider reach, to introduce greater efficiencies, to support research in the area of kinder, less aggressive and more effective treatments for children’s cancers, along with always recognising our core values and beginnings.

  • TraceyHair Donation Assistant
Hair Donation Assistant Little Princess Trust

I work as part of the team who receive and log thousands of wonderful donations of hair. We open the parcels and sort the hair according to colour and length, so it can be sent directly to our wig manufacturer. We log the details of the hair donors and send a heartfelt certificate of thanks. We also post requested wigs to the salons/wig suppliers who fit them. I love working for the Little Princess Trust. It’s a humbling experience to read the cards we receive from donors saying why they are donating their hair, and to see photos of children wearing the real hair wigs.

  • WendyCase Manager
Case Manager Little Princess Trust

As well as being a co-founder of the charity, I am very fortunate to also work as the Case Manager. I have loved seeing how the charity has grown over the years and how many children have benefited from the service that we provide. It really is humbling to hear the positive feedback we receive from families and to hear what a difference it can make during such a difficult time in the child or young person’s life. It is a constant reminder of how important it is that we keep offering this service and I really can’t imagine doing anything else.
I live with my two other children (George and Emmeline) and my husband Ady and cherish every moment with my family. I have never been very sporty, but in my spare time I love to dance which I have done since childhood. I attend ballet and tap classes as often as I can, but have twice taken part in a ‘Strictly Hereford’ event which was the most fantastic experience ever. The icing on the cake was persuading my Firefighter husband to be my most recent dance partner!

Meet the Trustees

  • Rob Pizii
 Little Princess Trust

My current role as Director of Finance & Resources at Hereford Cathedral School and previous roles in operational management have generated many transferable skills that I use in my role as a Trustee. I have taken the lead on the development of the charity’s investment policy, as well as regularly reviewing the operations and strategic direction, providing clear guidance for the Charity Manager. I am glad to do my small bit to help such a worthwhile cause.

  • Simon Tarplee
 Little Princess Trust

As well as being a co-founder of the Trust, after losing my daughter, Hannah, to cancer, I am also a Trustee. My particular responsibilities include oversight of our medical research grants, IT strategy and risk management. My role as a trustee is to work behind the scenes to allow the charity to flourish. When challenges arise it’s very gratifying to see how the board and management team quickly come together to deliver a solution. One of the most gratifying things about my role is hearing from the people we’ve helped; often very touching and deeply personal stories that we would never share on the website.

  • Tania Hudson
 Little Princess Trust

I’ve been a Trustee for LPT since 2015. The Trustees work together on all issues, but my particular role — based on my previous career as a charity finance director — is to take the lead on financial matters. I feel very passionate about the work of the Little Princess Trust and it’s an honour to be part of the team that delivers that work.

  • Tim Lowe
 Little Princess Trust

I was Hannah’s headmaster during her illness, and after her tragic death, Simon, Wendy and I set up the Little Princess Trust. The Trust is first and foremost about the help offered to children, young people and their families. We began by supporting children around Herefordshire but soon realised there was a national need. As an original trustee who received the first donation of 12p, I believe it’s important to remain true to our origins and remember that we grow from the support of wonderfully kind people.

  • Tim WheelerChair of the Trustees
Chair of the Trustees Little Princess Trust

I joined the Little Princess Trust during my Headship at Hereford Cathedral Junior School. It is a very rewarding charity with which to be involved, with a great team of staff and a very effective board of trustees. The positive impact of the charity on children and their families is visible within a short time of their first call to us, and it is a pleasure to play just a small part in this process.

  • Wendy Tarplee-Morris
 Little Princess Trust

As a co-founder of the charity, my role as trustee is incredibly important to me. The Little Princess Trust was set up in memory of my daughter, Hannah, so am very passionate about the work of the charity. Although the charity has experienced enormous growth, I am always mindful of our core values and heritage.
I am particularly excited about the charity's more recent activities with the funding of research. It feels right that as well as helping children and young people to deal with one of the many side effects of cancer treatment. But at the same time we are also contributing to the bigger picture in trying to eradicate these illnesses and improve the treatment for them.
I am incredibly proud of what the charity has achieved since we started in 2006 and of the legacy Hannah has left.