Other ways to support

There are other ways to be involved and to support the charity that do not involve fundraising or making a money donation.

We would like you to talk to people about the charity and what we do.  Raising awareness like this is very important as it can inspire others to fundraise or to donate.  It can also let families know that we exist and that we are here to help them if their child has cancer.

You could also consider having your hair cut and donating it to the Trust.

We have an arrangement, through one of our wig suppliers, with a wig-making factory in China to make use of hair donated to us in this way.  Please note that we are unable to guarantee that your hair will be deemed suitable for The Little Princess Trust children’s wigs.

Any hair that is acceptable is sent to the factory and manufactured into wigs for the charity to use.

The Little Princess Trust is proud to confirm that we do not sell any hair donated to the charity.  Please click here for more information.

Once you have read the detailed information, please send only suitable hair to:

The Little Princess Trust
Broadway House
32-35 Broad St