Tea & Tiaras

Drink Tea for LPT!

Host a Tea & Tiaras Party!

Whether you bake it or fake it:
enjoy a tea party fit for a Princess! (or Prince!)
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We love the idea of all of our supporters getting together, having a brew and eating cake, all in aid of The Little Princess Trust!  So we are launching our 2018 Tea & Tiaras campaign, to coincide with National Princess Week which runs from 22 – 28 April.

Money raised at each tea party will go towards funding more wigs for children and young adults or towards research into paediatric cancers.
These wigs can totally transform the life of a sick child and we think that a Tea &Tiaras tea party is a fantastic way to show that you care.

Anyone can host a tea party; groups of children, schools, office colleagues, neighbours, sports teams… For an after-hours get-together, how about hosting a ‘Long Island Iced Tea & Tiaras party’ (for over 18s only, of course!) 🍹🍹🍹

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Our Tea & Tiaras kit contains everything you need to host a tea party, including: Invitations, posters, stickers, bunting, tiara and crown templates, and a ‘How to host a Tea & Tiara party’ guide.

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Don’t forget to share images from your event on social media, using the hashtag #TeaAndTiaras

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