Thank you!

We received this email from Katherine last week.  Thanks to the help we receive from you, our supporters, we were able to provide a wig for her.  Katherine is very keen for people to know the difference receiving a real hair wig made to her life and how this inspired her to help others. We agreed to share her story.

I got diagnosed with Stage 4b Lymphoma back in 2013 and thanks to those at The Little Princess Trust, I was very kindly given a wig which I am wearing in the bottom right photo (in the red dress). I have since managed to donate 7 inches of my hair post treatment. Someone out there did it for me and I felt as though it was the least I could do to give something back. I’d like to raise awareness for all those out there that are currently battling cancer like I was 5 years ago. It’s ok to be bald! It’s ok to be different! With the help of The Little Princess Trust, my confidence was boosted and I was able to feel myself again. We all wake up each day and carry out our daily routine as normal but out there somewhere is someone fighting for their life like I was 5 years ago. Little Princess Trust, thank you for everything you do, and for giving me and many others an opportunity to feel special again.