It’s Friday….

….and, for one day only, we went back to school!! No uniform required, though, as today we were guests at a very special event.

Marj Francis – a teacher at the Hereford Academy – and Chloe Price, a year 10 student at the school, both decided to lose their locks in front of their friends and colleagues during morning assembly.

Both Marj and Chloe have been raising money for the Jean the Bean FU Cancer Charity – an amazing charity set up in memory of an incredible woman. The charity’s mission is to raise money for people within the community who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Marj Francis, teacher and Chloe Price, student at Hereford Academy

15 year old Chloe lost her lovely locks with the help of her school friends who seemed very comfortable with the scissors!! Marj then took it one step further – no sooner had her beautiful blonde braids hit the deck, out came the electric shaver and Marj went from bob to bald in a matter of seconds!!

‘Wow, Miss, you’re really doing this?!’

The atmosphere within the hall was incredible – students clapped whilst Marj’s final strands of golden hair were shaved away and both Marj and Chloe received a standing ovation for their remarkable efforts.

Marj Francis ‘Braves the Shave! 

We are so grateful to receive these wonderful donations of hair – they will be used to make wigs for children who are suffering hair loss as a result of cancer treatment or other medical conditions. We are also eternally grateful to everyone who helped support Marj and Chloe – this memorable event will raise awareness of both charities and that in itself is invaluable.

Marj Francis and Chloe Price with their lovely locks!

Happy Friday, people! Have the most brilliant weekend and good luck to everyone who is supporting Little Princess Trust this weekend!