Hero by LPT

We are so excited to launch our new brand Hero by LPT, aimed specifically at boys and young men experiencing hair loss.

The Little Princess Trust has launched this new initiative in order to engage better with boys and young men in the hope that they will feel more comfortable considering the option of receiving a free real hair wig.

Hero by LPT is very much part of The Little Princess Trust, which, over the course of a decade, has given away more than 6,000 free wigs to boys as well as girls already.

We understand that hair loss can be traumatic and we also know that receiving a free real hair wig, can go some way to help someone feel more like their old self again.

Trustee, Co-founder and Case Manager, Wendy Tarplee-Morris, explains, ‘We want the boys and young men that we help to feel as comfortable as possible when they come to us. Hair loss can completely knock someone’s confidence – boy OR girl. We have created the Hero by LPT brand so boys and young men will know even more that we understand what they are going through and that we are here to help.’

The launch of Hero by LPT has attracted encouragement from national and global sports stars including Will Butler (Worcester Warriors/England U20 Rugby) and John Stones (Man City/England) offering their unconditional support to the charity. In addition to these Ambassadors, a whole bevvy of celebrity ‘heroes’ have agreed that the charity can use outlines of their hair styles in order to encourage boys and young men to make contact.

John Stones and Raheem Sterling (Man City + England)

These endorsements show to boys and young men that every hero needs some sort of a hair style. Check out the Tommy Taylor (Wasps/England) look, the Harry Styles and the Sergio Aguero (Man City/Argentina) at www.herobylpt.org.uk.

Whatever gender, if you are under 24 and have cancer or are 18 or under and are suffering hair loss as a result of another medical condition, or even if you just have a question for us about receiving a wig, simply dial 01432 760060 or alternatively drop us an email on info@herobyplt.org.uk.