chloe - swansea -

im twelve and my granddad recently died from cancer so this week im getting my 12″ hair cut into an inverted bob for other people who lose their hair. it just makes you think that it could be you someday who needs hair donations 🙂 x

Caroline Hallsworth - Lowestoft -

My daughter Skye who is 11 hasnt ever had a proper haircut only trims, she now has hair that is nearly down to her bottom. She wanted to have it cut and give it to charity as she had heard of an American charity that does this, I had a search on the internet and found the Little Princess Trust and our problem was solved!!
We have been and booked her haircut today and we are also getting sponsors for her.
We are so proud of our daughter for doing this!!

Laura - Troon -

I’ve been growing my hair for years and when I heard about the trust I decided to get it chopped off and donate it. I’ll be posting it off 1st class tomorrow and begin growing it to do the same again! Best wishes to all the little Princes and Princesses xx

karen - dunstable -

I was recently diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer. I start my chemo on thurs 23rd aug 2012 &  i’m having my long hair cut short on wednesday 22 aug 2012 then i’m sending to you guys in the hope that a beautiful child can have something nice out of my bad news .

Rachael - Upminster -

Just had my waist length red hair chopped off. I enjoyed having long hair and hopefully now someone else will

Bobs - Liverpool -

My hair is down to my bottom and it’s all getting chopped off tomorrow in aid of the Little Princesses…. Well, you know what they say… Hair today, gone tomorrow!!!

Well done to the Can Cook cafe and The Derby Arms pub in Garston (Liverpool) for helping me to raise nearly £500! :o)

Big hugs to everyone else that’s doing a sponsored chop xxx Bobs

Maya Lily Willis-Fry - Banwell, North Somerset -

I had waist length hair and i’ve cut it all off into a bob 🙂 My grandad died from cancer i hope i do him proud xxx

Felicity - Swansea -

I’m Felicity – I’m 11 years old, and I have hair, brown with blonde highlights below my waist. I’m going to have it cut for comprehensive school soon – and I hope for it to be going to the Little Princess Trust! I can’t wait to help the people in your trust. x