Deborah Vickerman - Bradford, West Yorkshire -

Friday 16th December, 40 students and staff, cut their hair and raised over £1000 to support the Little Princess Trust.

Janine Lindley - Scarborough -

Good morning
I have recruited a friends daughter Thea Morrison who is only 8 years old to do the Race For Life with me on the 12th July 2017 in Scarborough and she has kindly for the second time offer to donate her lovely long blonde hair to your trust. I had stage 3 breast cancer in June 2014 and had chemotherapy and a double mastectomy in the same year and as a result of the very aggressive chemo I lost my hair in the first week of treatment. I was in the shower and it just started to come out in my hands. I had to shave it off as it was so thin. It didn’t bother me having no hair but i can imagine how upsetting it would be for an adult never mind a child and I think it would just add to the difficult time anyone goes through when they are ill.
I have decided to donate my hair this year but mine isn’t as long as Thea’s so fingers crossed mine grows enough for the run to have it cut and I think it will have to be shaved to get the length required but i think it’s the least I can do to give back for been so lucky to have found my cancer in time to kick it into touch.
I am so proud and honoured to have a little girl like Thea offer to cut her hair again and her mum Gemma said she asked the first time to donate which is so thoughtful and kind and shows there are some very special people in the world.
We are going on Yorkshire Coast radio nearer the race to share our story which will hopefully encourage others to get involved in your trust and the Race For Life.
Many thanks and good luck with the trust…

Beth Watt -

Nice charity 🙂

Hannah Graham - Armagh -

Hi, I’ve just posted 13 inches of my hair today to the Little Princess Trust and raised £250 in sponsors. I have been growing it for about 2 years and hope this really helps a child who needs its more than I do.

Kirsty sawyer - Ibstock -

I have had 12inches off of my 23inch long hair! I feel this is the best and most proudest thing ive ever done: being able to help those poorly princesses who don’t deserve to lose their hair at such a vulnerable time in their lives. Its devastating. The little princess trust is an amazing charity!

Lottie Hulme - Liverpool -

I have donated my hair before and I am a massive fan of what you do!!! Keep going you are amazing people!

Ana Marisa Costa - Aylesbury -

I just went to Portugal last weekend and went to my childhood hairdresser and asked her to cut a 30 cm (approx. 12 inches) plait of my long dark blonde curly hair. Now it is on its way to the Little Princess Trust.

I am missing my long curls, but feeling proud and hopping someone will be very happy with it!

Vanessa Bowerman - Penarth -

I’m so proud of my eldest daughter Scarlett, she is 7 and has been growing her hair for Little Princess Trust for 2 years. We have booked the big cut for 18th August and will be donating in excess of 12 inches, in the meantime we’ll be fundraising to see if we can raise enough to make a wig too.

Helen Ford - Liverpool -

On Wednesday 10th May 2017, I had 16 inches of my hair cut off and donated to the Little Princess Trust. I have also had a fundraising page up on JustGiving, which has raised £260 and also been donated, today, Monday 12th June 2017, to the Little Princess Trust.

Tasha McCallum - Kirkcaldy -

hi i would like to say this is an amazing charity i donated my hair i few years back and looking to do it again in the near future 🙂