Olivia Hoare - Coventry -

On the 17th of December I chopped off 10 inches of hair and donated it to the little princess trust. In December I also fundraised to help with the cost of manufacturing the hair into a wig… my target was £100 and I managed to hit that in days! My grand total was £768+gift aid on JustGiving. I hope my hair and the money will help make a little ones journey that bit easier. Cannot urge people enough to donate in any way they can!

charlotte - northhamptonshire -

I hope my hair comes in good use and get well soon to my friend!

charlotte - northhampton -

hope my hair comes to good use and thank you!

Elin Svedman - Närpes, Finland -

Hello! I´m so glad that I found this beautiful organisation a few months ago. Today I sent my hair away to UK. I hope I can help someone! Good luck with the future! xoxo Elin

sharon Logie - kilmarnock -

Fantastic charity. On the 16/08/17 I myself will be donating 14″ of my hair to LPT. Keep up the good work!!!

Gail Bednall - Birmingham -

I’ve previously donated my hair twice and I’m currently growing it again for another donation.
I only wish more people would offer their hair as it cost next to nothing to do and can give the children their confidence back.

Barbora - Brno, Czech Republic -

Hi! I’m Barbora and I’m 14 years old. I’m from Czech republic and I’m very happy, that I can help childrens with cancer. I think it’s amazing! I’m going to cut my hair and donate it for this charity :). I’m just child too, but I can help the others, thank this charity! I’m so excited and I hope, that childrens will be OK again<3
PS: Sorry for my English, it isn’t my mother language 😀

Maddie Warren - Grimsby -

I donated my hair earlier this year and it seems terrifying but knowing something you’ve taken for granted is something a little boy or girl has been wishing for, for years. You feel so amazing afterwards and if you’re brave enough do it!

Helen Luscombe - Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire -

My son was treated for Leukaemia 12 years ago and is now 16 and healthy. I thought about donating my hair during/after his treatment. I have been growing it for the past 5 years with the intention of donating it to you. On Tuesday 21st June 2016, I had 20+ inches cut off. It is now in the post on its way to The Little Princess Trust. I also have a justgiving page raising money for the Department that treated him. In this way, I am helping children in 2 ways. This makes me very happy. Children undergoing cancer treatment need all the support and help we can give them. You are a fantastic charity. Helen xxxx

michelle unthank-skinner - sunderland -

This month my daughter Lilia decided she wanted her lovely long curly hair cutting shorter. Her hair is so lovely that we decided another child could possibly benefit from it. Lilia is so happy that she is able to help another child and this was done from her heart. She is now growing her hair again, and wants me to grow mine too so that next time we can both get it cut together and also try to raise some money too for the Little Princess Trust. Mind you, She was over the moon to hear her idol Harry Styles had donated his hair to the same trust too and thinks hes very kind