Debbie Kirk - EDINBURGH -

Last night I got one of my best friends, the amazing Alison Higgins who is the Salon Manager at Raymond Edinburgh to cut 9 inches of my hair. Text donation made & my hair donation is on its way to you in the post. Loving my new haircut but love it all the more knowing that my hair donation is going to such a worthy cause. Feeling very proud today. xxx

Lotte Wright - Dusseldorf, Germany -

I am really happy that this charity cares about this element of going through cancer! I have just cut off all my hair and i am proud to say that i am donating it to The Little Princess Trust. Well done for all the hard work and keep it up!

Jacqueline Thomas - Birkenhead -

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with alopecia & I am losing my hair rapidly. Today I was fitted with my first wig and I have had my waist length hair cut short. I will be posting my plaits to you tomorrow – hoping that my hair will make a difference to a sick child or children has made this not very pleasant experience a whole lot more bearable, thank you & good luck to you and all of the children that you help! 🙂

Kay - Harpenden -

Hey! I’m Kay, and I’m 12. I just had my hair cut (9″ of it) and I’m donating it to the little princess trust <3 I’m so excited that I get to help a child with cancer 🙂

Konnie - Cornwall -

I am 14 years old and donating my hair to this wonderful charity!!

Tilly Cox - Keswick -

hi, i have been reading about the site and 2 years ago i cut off my hair charity, i am doing it again this year, i think it is an amazing trust and i cant wait to get 11 inches cut off, i did 12 inches the year before last

samantha forman - aberdeen -

Today i sent away my donation of 18cm of my hair. I wanted to help the little princess trust and ive set up a just giving page too so i can hopefully raise some cash too.

Emily Robinson - Kent -

just ordered my fundraising pack and cant wait to cut of about 12″of my hair in about a months time. Going to donate as much money as I possibly can to go along with my hair donation to help the little prince and princesses xxx

Morgan Connolly - Romford, Essex -

My grandma and I are planning a fundraising event in our area and at the moment we are just sorting a hall, date and time. We have sorted out entertainment and ideas for refreshments. We hoping to be able to help as many little princes and princesses as possible with the money we raise at our event xx

Kayleigh Gibson - Colchester -

I’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time.
Today, I cut about 50% of my hair off for The Little Princess Trust. I think that the idea of something we would normally consider as waste could help someone gain confidence in them self after going through Cancer, is a cause worthy nonetheless. After my dad suffered with cancer twice, and kicked it’s butt, I wanted to do something to help other people who are going through similar things. I feel that I used to hide behind my hair a lot, even though that sounds trivial, I’m so happy that doing something to make myself more open and confident will also make someone else feel much better about themselves.