Get involved

We need your support – please!

The Trust receives no formal funding and so relies on the enthusiastic efforts of kind souls in the community who are willing to give up their time to fundraise.

Other kind-hearted supporters don’t necessarily fundraise for the charity, but choose to donate their hair instead.  We can use this donated hair (as long as it complies with our Guidelines) and arrange for it to be made into wigs.

Whilst the charity hopes to use the donated hair wigs as often as it can, if there isn’t one that is the correct colour, length and texture for the child in question, then a different type of wig is purchased.  Hence the need for funds.  In addition to wig provision, we have also given away over £2,200,000 to research projects focusing on childhood cancers.

Of course, some supporters choose to donate their hair and fundraise at the same time!  Whichever way you choose, the charity – along with everyone that it helps – is hugely grateful.


Thank you!