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The real hair wigs we provide are free to the children we help.  If we supply a wig made from hair donated by people like you, our kind supporters, then this wig costs the charity absolutely nothing or possibly we pay a very small amount for it.  If a suitable donated-hair wig cannot be sourced, then we buy in the most appropriate wig for the boy or girl in question, as close as possible to their original hair.  The cost to the charity to purchase one wig is on average between £350-£500.  Absolutely any amount of fundraising that you can generate towards this cost will help us to continue to provide wigs to the boys and girls that need them.

Fundraising packs

There are many ways that you can raise funds and there is a fundraising pack available to assist you.

Request your fundraising pack here

The pack includes a guide along with a DVD, some posters and leaflets.  It also includes a sponsor form and a Gift Aid declaration form.  There is also a collection box available to order by clicking here.  Whilst you may use these, we do recommend that for ease of fundraising you visit, or and create a page/challenge so that your supporters can donate to us easily online.  Arranging your fundraising this way means that, after your event, you will not have to chase your supporters for their donations, as they are paid directly to us automatically.

Image: Mark Soanes, Wanstead and Woodford Guardian.

It would be great if you could contact your local newspaper and let them know your fundraising plans.  Local press are always interested in a positive story like this.  Please feel free to give them this email address if the reporter would like a quote from us in support of your article:

Fundraisers have in the past organised all sorts of events from family fun days to sponsored bike rides.  Many organise a sponsored haircut and then send their cut hair to the charity as well. For more information about hair donation click here.

Sending Money

Please click here to find out how to send money to the Little Princess Trust.