Thank you for considering organising an event in aid of the Little Princess Trust.

Anything goes! You can organise any sort of event in order to support the Trust. Sponsored hair cuts and even hair shaves are popular events! Supporters in the past have organised all sorts of events from sponsored bike rides to sponsored four-legged pub races!

There is a fundraising pack available for you to use which includes posters, leaflets and a sponsor form. We also have collection pots that we can send you. We always use 2nd class post for cost-saving reasons.

I’ve decided to cut my hair for the Little Princess Trust, which is a charity that make wigs for sick children. No one will be sadder than me to see it go but after seeing the work this charity does I couldn’t say no. Donating my hair is the easy part. It can still cost…

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When my Mum lost all of her hair from her chemotherapy treatments, she was given a synthetic wig to wear. It was so hot, itchy, ill-fitting and uncomfortable that she had to resort to just wearing a scarf, which made her feel very self conscious and reluctant to go out in public. This made me…

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